How to Play Roulette

Learn the fundamentals of the most classic casino game of all time, roulette.

Until today roulette has remained extremely fashionable and one of the most popular online casino games. It is an ideal game for players who are just beginning to play at online casinos as it is easy to understand and simple yet thrilling to play.

The idea is to simply place a bet on any number (or combination of numbers) or color – black or red, spin the win and if the ball drops onto that number, you win. Roulette is truly a game of chance and there is no secret method to beat the odds by tracking a pattern for example. One spin of the wheel has no influence over the next. It is wise, however, to learn about the many types of bets that can be wagered on roulette to maximise your bankroll as each offer different odds and house edge.

There are two variations of roulette which are American roulette and French roulette. It is highly recommended that you play French roulette (which as only a single zero on the wheel) as opposed to American roulette (which has double zeros). Both versions offer the same odds which are 1 to 35, however, the fewer number of pockets on an French roulette wheel means that there is a lower house edge.