Online Casino Players Testimonials

Reading appraisals of an online casino by other players is your best source of advice.

One of your best sources of information to gauge the credibility of an online casino will be to read through testimonials that other people have written about their experiences of playing at a particular casino before you.

As they have played at the casino and trusted their own money to them, they are the most likely to give you an unbiased opinion on whether the casino was fair and how they were treated. Most online casinos will post player testimonials on their site but for obvious reasons these may be rather selective and self serving! We suggest that you search through forums, blogs and review sites which are completely independent from the online casino you are considering joining as you might find some more objectivity and honesty in these appraisals.

If you search, you will thousands of such testimonials (and complaints!) on the internet and it is wise to spend some time reading through to compare what you can expect from various gaming operators. It is important to add though that you shouldn’t take any one testimonial as gospel as you can’t always believe what you read. However, you should be able to gather a general picture from many entries about whether it is a casino to be trusted or not.