Casino Golden Rules

Essential tips for new online casino players.

There are few universal tips for all new and intermediate players to make sure you maintain a healthy bankroll.

First, it is important that you fully understand the rules of any online casino game that you choose to play otherwise you are unnecessarily raising the house edge against yourself. The odds are in the casinos favour to begin with as this is how they turn a profit. Bear in mind too that the rules can change slightly from casino to casino so you should always check when starting at a new casino.

Secondly, be overly cautious in releasing your personal and banking details and go through all the recommended safety precautions.

Thirdly, maximise any promotions and bonuses on offer by the casino which means understanding the terms and conditions so you know when you can cash out your bonus.

Fourthly, don’t play after a few drinks or when you are in a bad mood otherwise you are likely to make foolish mistakes that you’ll only regret in the morning.

Fifthly, before you set down to play set yourself either a time limit or a spending limit and stop when you reach it.

Finally, if it is no longer fun because you are losing more than you are winning then stop playing and take a break for a while.